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FOX News
Sep 18, 2012 12:00pm PDT
air." carl cameron is following governor romney in dallas. fundraising is going on now. i guess opening up fundraisers and press to cameras is in response to the video. is that right? >>carl: well, the romney campaign has been planning it for several weeks and today is the first time in the 2012 they let cameras into the fundraisers, the irony it is amid the controversy over the fundraiser that took place last may in florida. he did not back away, and he has been making the argument throughout the campaign that the obama policy, the obama agenda, contributes to a dependency society and a culture across the country of a sense of entitlement. that is what romney said last night in the news conference called and got the press up at 10:00 eastern time saying it is not about the obama liberal base but making the remarks from the original tape not his base, but it is about the folks in the middle. here is how he described it. i said among those that pay no tax, approximately 47 percent of americans, i'm not likely to be highly successful with a message of lowering taxes. those who rel
Sep 17, 2012 6:00pm PDT
foreign policy advice to lots of people. the most amazing example making efficient use of air time is carl rove. he does not work for the romney campaign, but he's the founder of the massive, massive pro-romney anti-obama super pac. and he gets to go on fox news and analyze his own campaign ad. for fox. spoiler alert, he thought his own campaign ad was awesome and totally effective. >> your super pac, american cross roads, this is a super pac. put out a recent video. this aimed at voters that were sold a bill of goods. that's where you're going with than. >> i'm glad you got the message. >> everybody gets it. >> carl rove in his role as fox news political analyst and a financial player in the 2012 election. analyzing his own effect on the election. there are a few different ways to object to this phenomenon. you can object to a news organization is paying people to report on and analyze their own work. they are working for a campaign and also analyzing that campaign for an organization that at least still has the word news in its name and that can sometimes seem doyou don't have to be an i
Sep 18, 2012 9:00am EDT
on the street" next. >>> good morning. welcome to "squawk on the street." i'm melissa lee along with carl quintanilla. let's get you started. it looks like another drift lower. keep in mind we saw lower fractions. that's what i mean by drift when i say drift lower. take a look at the action over in europe. stocks continue to move further away from 14-month highs. the concern today that perhaps spain will not, in fact, seek a bailout. so our roadmap this morning starts with yet another warning from fedex, the shipping giant blaming a slow global economy. but is this a macroissue or consumers no longer paying extra for express service. >> apple did it. expectations still high as preorders for the iphone 5 cross 2 million. >> prices on "squawk box" this morning, speaking of which, what was up with oil's mysterious decline yesterday and is it bad for confidence. >> ford is being called the most important model in decades for that company. we're going to be hearing from the ceo alan mulally. fedex states the q1 results are below its own exec sagss saying weak global conditions damped growth. m
Sep 18, 2012 3:00am PDT
. >> dede workman, peter witt, carl russeau. >> good afternoon. >> i'm dede workman the director of public policy for the san francisco chamber of commerce. i have a letter for each us, stating the clam bers' strong support in the increase of tami medallions. the unmet demand for cabs in san francisco is well-documented and well-demonstrated. this need is only going to grow as the citis a population grows as our business continues it rebound and tourism increases. as anyone who visits or lives or works in san francisco will tell you there are not enough cabs on the street and with all due respect to the drivers because i believe what they are saying about their own reality, it's true in their cases, but as a consumer, and someone who lives here, as i do in district 9, and works in the city. i will tell you treasvirtually impossible for me to get a cab most of the time. so in representing the chamber, we want to convey to you the chambers' strong support and urge you to increase the number of medallions. >> thank you. next speaker. >> peter witt. >> good afternoon, mr. witt. >> with all
Sep 17, 2012 11:00pm PDT
. they are going by fitness sf, the ceo donated money to american cross roads. the group was founded by carl remove and has strong anti-reggae vianti-gay views. the multi-million find in a man's closet and how it's changing a woman's life. presidential candidate mitt r romney is in hot water over what he said in a fundraiser and no no place to call home. >> good evening, i'm in the weather center. cooler start, down to 78 today. that is leading the colder temperatures right now, with isolated 40s. we will let you know what it means for the morning forecast and your seven day. >> tonight, mitt romney is doing damage control after comments he made in private fundraiser was made public. he is heard talking to wealthy donors giving them a snap shot of liberal voters. here is a portion of it. >> don't worry, we will take care of it. how are we going to do it two months before the election. you have to take care of yourself. >> well, there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. there are 47% of them that believe that they are victims and that government has a responsibility
Sep 18, 2012 5:30am EDT
breaks for developers who don't need them are also keeping tax rates high says councilman carl stokes. 23::3:57 "unfortunatley they decided to widen the tax break and add perkkns homes to their census taact"stokes points to the millions in tax breaks just approved for a new office builing on this priie parcel on the inner harbor real estate.. the soon to be energy giant giant exiloo.23:03:57 "unfortunntley they decided to widen the tax break and add perkins homes to their census tarct"but to qualify....thh parcel was included in the same census tract as this low incomm perkins homes housing seem...poorer. +23:03:27"it's lauighable, you know., it's laughable, one of my collegaues says i think we= won the war on poverty in harbor easta perfect example, says stokes, of costly tax breaks for developers who don't need them.23:04:31q: are we tlkaing about thhusands, millions?a; millions, it's awlays millions, t not's hundreds or thousand, it's millions."costs that residents say makes the pain f rising tax es 20:07:29"were are alll the srvices"along with cuts in srvices"a
FOX News
Sep 18, 2012 3:00pm PDT
. carl cameron begins our coverage tonight. >> reporter: mitt romney for the first time ever opened rundraiser for cameras today. it was in the works for weeks but comes amid new controversy for remarks caught on tape in may at rundraiser. romney spoke with neil neil cavuto. >> this is a message i am carrying day in and day out. this is the decision about the course of america and where we are going to head. we have seen the president's policies play out over the last four years. >> reporter: romney summoned the press for rare evening news conference to explain. >> it's not elegantly stated. i'll put it that way. >> reporter: on the tape from may, he referred to president's support in the polls. democrats say he dissed half the country. >> the 47% with him believe they are victims and believe government has responseability to care for them and believe they are entitled to healthcare, food, housing, you name it. that is entitlement. they will vote for this president no matter what. they pay no incomes tax. >> reporter: according to the policy center, among 47% who don't pay income ta
Sep 18, 2012 5:00pm EDT
give you one small capital. carl smith, a great marine corps fighter pilot. he started in the navy but trained with jim amos back in 1970. you saw the handwriting on the wall and joined the marine corps and can attest to this. i was company and my son joe, who is a major in the marine corps reserve and we were hanging out. i hear a shout and it was jim and bonnie. they were stationed there at the time and we had a great visit. they could have just kept going and we would have never seen them or known they were in the p.x. they are the most engaged and positive couple you will ever meet. jim has confronted the challenges i mentioned earlier facing the marine corps. he is relentless in trying to reduce the suicides, an effort that he started when he was the acting person. he has refused to accept the status quo. and i know that this is an issue that wabse in his heart. when he had to take on a tough procurement issue, which the marines have been developing for decades and been in the pipeline and this was the vehicle to get the marines shipped to shore. he took action and mapped out
FOX News
Sep 18, 2012 4:00pm PDT
-raiser and starting today, cameras are allowed. campaign carl cameron is on it, live in dallas. this is not a reaction to the controversy, right? >> well, it is a nod to calls for greater accessibility to the candidate and transparency from the public. but no, it's not specifically as a consequence of the controversy over the remarks he made at a fund-raiser in may. in fact, plans to open up fund-raisers to the cameras were really underway last week before this whole story exploded. mr. romney did not change his tune today. very much sticking by his assertions, though he did acknowledge the language was in his words, inelegant. mr. romney also referred to the palestinian-israeli situation and suggested with some serious doubt that a two-state solution between the israelis and the palestinians can ever be reached. that too is making big headlines. watch this. palestinians have no interest whatsoever in establishing peace and that the pathway to peace is almost unthinkable to accomplish. >> romney has said similar things to that in the past, but never quite so bluntly. mother jones, the on-line web maga
Sep 17, 2012 10:00pm EDT
carl stokes. 23:03:57 "unfortunatley they decided to widen the tax break and add perkins homes to their census tarct"stokessppints to the millionn in tax breaks just approved for a new office builing onnthis prime parcel on the inner harbor real estate.. the soon to be maryland headquarters of ennrgy giant exilon.23:03:57 "unfortunatley they decided to widen the tax break and add &ptarct"but to qualify....the parcel was incluued in thee same census tract as this low income perkins homes housing project to makk it seem...poorer. +23:03::7"it's lauighable, you know., it's laughablee ne of my coolegaues says i think we= won the war on poverty in harbor easta perfect example, says stokes, of cossly tax breaks for developers who we tlkking about thousands, millions?a;;millions, it's awlays millions, it noo's hundreds or the... mayor... hopes to release... a ...ten year plan... soon/ soon.../// she's hoping that'll cause more reform to the city's employee pension plan. 3 3 tonite marks thee susquacentennial of the bloodiesttbattle in u--s hhstory... a bat
FOX News
Sep 18, 2012 8:00am PDT
the cuff and not elegantly stated. we are less than 50 days from the election. carl cameron is live in dallas where governor romney will meet with his supporters a little later on today. tell us more about this video, carl. >> reporter: obviously it came from may in a closed fund-raiser and the video is likely to be released in its entirety later today by the liberal magazine mother jones who put it out on the web yesterday and started the real close scrutiny and national attention to all of this. interesting today mitt romney will actually open a fund-raiser in salt lake city to cameras. this is something that had been in the works for several weeks and was not caused by the video of the now several month-old fund-raiser. the controversy is now wide open. here is more of what mr. romney said. >> 47 are with him, who are dependent upon government who believe they are victims, who believe the government has the responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to healthcare, to food, to housing, to you name it. that entitlement, the government has the responsibility
Sep 18, 2012 12:00pm EDT
and the "fast money" halftime. >>> carl, thanks so much, welcome in to "halftime." here's where we stand, up and down day thus far on wall street. yeah, slightly in the red as we follow the major averages. dow down about 2 points, s&p and nasdaq also negative. here's what we're following on "halftime." does a $700 price target tag mean that the company should finally split its stock? and gold 2,400, why the qe infinity rally is just getting started for precious metals. but first, our top story, and that's the tug of war between the bulls and bears. are stocks setting up for a big pullback? let's get some answers from the najarian brothers, mike murphy, and guy adami. how about it, pete, you've been bullish, apple keeps rolling, are stocks going to pull back? >> and obviously you mentioned apple. there's a lot of reasons we've had this push to 1,460. when you look at the options market right now, that's been the tell for us. and when you look at the volatility index, that's the implied volatile measure of the s&p 500. that's been coming back, as well. staying well below even that 15 level. an
Sep 17, 2012 8:00pm EDT
. -- carl. caller: these focus groups seem to be educated people. they are fools. >> why is the? >> i live in illinois. we are not even getting campaign commercials. they live in virginia. they are getting bombarded. i do not get it. every commercial is a political commercial. have biasesese people they have failed to recognize, and that is why they have failed to make decisions. i heard this one guy say, i believe in trickle-down economics. trickle-down does not work. likes our next call is from -- >> our next call is from iowa. it is another battleground states. caller: i was originally from debute. i lost my job. >> what was your job is? >> it was a printing company. under obamacare, they closed. we had to read about it in the paper. jobs in iowa, he promised us health care. i lost my job. my husband died of three months of cancer. we have no insurance. we have nothing, so where is the health care he promised us four years. people need to wake up and. >> who are you voting for? >> i am voting for mitt romney, and i am a registered democrat. i ain't voting for obama. my life is ruined. i
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)